Story Sharing in Social Media Platforms

Story Sharing in Social Media Platforms

Story Sharing in Social Media Platforms

Since the most used application, Snapchat, story sharing became a part of our daily life. Today, we can see that in many social media platforms. In this article, we are going to look at the features of story sharing on different platforms. 


In recent years, Instagram arranged the story feature and added it to the platform. Stories have started to be used by users often. When people want to share something they do not want to post, they have begun to use stories. Stories disappear in 24 hours but if you want them to become visible for a long time, you attach them to your profile anytime you want. Every story you shared is archived, so you can see it whenever you want to. 


WhatsApp stories are showed ourself a new aspect because, with the feature of sharing stories, WhatsApp has become more than a chatting app. When people share their stories, there has been a shift to social media platforms for WhatsApp. 


Facebook users use the story sharing feature and they use it every day. Sharing stories is also an easier way to reach more people because the Facebook algorithm might not show posts in order. Through stories, people get a chance to make prominent shares.