Huge WEB Platforms of China

Huge WEB Platforms of China

Huge WEB Platforms of China

Today China is one of the huge countries in the world that has thousands of developing services. In our houses, we can see many different Chinese brands or products that had produced in China. If we look at this country from the perspective of the WEB platforms, the results are not different. China has many different web platforms that every one of them is unique and used by huge numbers of people.

If you are interested enough, we listed some WEB platforms of China to inform you about them.


WeChat is a globally extensive chatting platform. It has known as the Facebook of China. It provides socializing with friends and contact with them online.


Also known as the “Google of the China” Baidu is a very well search engine platform. Even if it might seem a bit complicated first, the services of Baidu are very extensive. You can benefit from them. Baidu is a globally used platform and has millions of users.

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo has known as “Twitter of China” In this social media platform you can create your profile,  read updates and share your thoughts.