YouTube Premium: Does It Worth It?

YouTube Premium: Does It Worth It?

YouTube Premium: Does It Worth It?

As the biggest video streaming platform, YouTube launched its premium platform that has many privileges. It is a version that you need to pay for it, so in this article, we will list the advantages of YouTube Premium and ask the question of “Does it worth it?”

Advantages of YouTube Premium

  1. Watch Video Any Advertisement

Sometimes, especially while watching a video that we hooked on, interruption of this video with ads might be very frustrating. YouTube premium eliminates this and ensures us watching our videos without any kind of interruption. 

     2. Watch While Your Screen Is Closed

If you want to listen to music and using YouTube free platform, you have to keep your screen open all the time. This is very hard if you have a limited battery. Through YouTube Premium, you will be able to watch or listen to whatever you want when your screen is closed. 

     3. Does It Worth It?

YouTube Premium is $11.99 per month after 30 days of trial. If you do not use any kind of music streaming platform and love YouTube content, YouTube Premium is a very good option for you. You should at least try a one-month free trial.