Safely Use of Social Media

Safely Use of Social Media

Safely Use of Social Media

Today, social media is a big part of our lives. Almost every day, countless numbers of people checking new posts on Instagram, reading tweets on Twitter, liking updates on Facebook, and so on. But how safe are we? 

Your phone, computer, tablet, or whatever device you are using, storing your data, is a fact. And this data can obtain by hackers. You may say “What can anybody do with my data?”, in this case, we will answer; Everything! On an illegal level, hackers can reach everything you do and do whatever they like with it. 

If you think the platforms that you are using are innocent, you are also wrong. Legally, the platform you are using can use your data for advertisement purposes.

What Should You Do?

To protect yourself from hackers: 

  1. 1.       Do not give all the personal information yours anywhere
  2. 2.       Create a strong password
  3. 3.       Use “Privacy settings” effectively

If you have concerns about the platform that you are using, you should aware of the algorithm on the platform, the ads that you saw probably had been determined especially to get your attention. You should not let economical purposes get you. Do not click everything you saw.