What Is the Revenue of Huge Platforms?

What Is the Revenue of Huge Platforms?

What Is the Revenue of Huge Platforms?

How much money do web platforms make? Have you ever thought about this? Web platforms usually make many with advertising. The advertising rate mainly depends on the visitor or user number of the web platforms. That is why it is not surprising to see that many platforms on the list that we will make soon are social media platforms. 

Here is the list of the 10 most popular social networks of 2021:

  1. 1.       Facebook
  2. 2.       YouTube
  3. 3.       WhatsApp
  4. 4.       Facebook Messenger
  5. 5.       Instagram
  6. 6.       WeChat
  7. 7.       TikTok
  8. 8.       QQ
  9. 9.       Douyin
  10. 10.   Sina Weibo

On this list, we see that the first five of the name is not surprising, but then hug platforms of China take a step and show themselves. Even if this list seems a bit unrealistic without numbers, we can inform you that Sina Weibo -which is in the tenth place on the list- has 511 active users. 

If you are wondering about the money that these platforms make, we also listed it for you. 

Facebook: 85,965 billion U.S Dollars

YouTube: 19,8 billion U.S Dollars

WhatsApp: 25 billion U.S Dollars

TikTok: 27 billion U.S Dollars

Sina Weibo: 431.8 million U.S Dollars